Coaching Testimonials

Testimonial from Pamela-Founder/Hooking Specialist at Hooked4U

I recently interacted with Sharlrita because I was unclear on what else to do besides book writing. I knew I eventually wanted to coach women but I didn't know exactly which route to take. Sharlrita suggested one specific angle for me to look into that I hadn't considered. She was great at giving me the insight I needed as well as giving me guidelines and even a deadline. She is definitely passionately and love what she does. I would recommend her to someone who was in need of coaching.

My call with Sharlrita was one hour and in that hour, she had done more than most coaches do in multiple sessions. She is relatable and responsive and came into the call prepared with suggestions and wisdom based off of a brief conversation prior to the actual coaching session. Sharlrita is straight up, no chaser with a dash of compassion and helps you clear away the clutter that makes the vision clear. I absolutely, with no reservations, recommend her as a coach to anyone at any leg of their journey. What you get is more than an accountability coach. You get someone who dismantles the proverbial box and walks with you as you explore all the possibilities. Sharlrita in one word: Amazing!

I just wanted to drop a testimony about Mrs. Sharlrita, I had my first counselor session with her and when I say it felt great to finally talk to someone who knows where you are coming from. She gave me clarity and vision beyond belief. The compassion in her voice let's me know that she has the heart of every person she comes in contact with. If you are looking for a coach, someone to push you, look no farther she's your girl. Thanks Debbie Foreman, CEO, Spark Your Passion

My coaching session was power packed, filled with lots of strategies to help me to excel in my coaching practice. There were a lot of useful tips and suggestions to further gain clarity on some things that I have been praying about and/or talking to colleagues concerning this particular thing only to end up at square one again. Sharlrita's coaching style is one filled with lots of compassion, encouraging women to be the entrepreneur that God has destined for you to be with great respect for her clients' vulnerabilities. She even took a step further by offering to follow up with me in 30 days to see how things are going and inboxed me to see if there was anything that I needed. Her wisdom regarding techniques to utilize in my business left me with hope for my future. I recommend that you seek Sharlrita for helping you move forward to your next.