9 Steps to your Profitable Telesummit


A telesummit, simply put, is a series of interview-style audio or video recordings designed to teach your
ideal audience on a variety of subjects. Telesummits are typically free to listen to—at least for a limited
time—and can add hundreds or thousands of subscribers to your email list in a very short time.
Unlike other list building opportunities, though, telesummits also provide a built-in product (the
recordings) that you can quickly release for an influx of cash. Not only that, but by “borrowing” the
audiences of your guests, you’ll massively expand your market reach across many other related niches.
Beyond that, telesummits are also an opportunity for you to get to know the influencers in your niche
and others, and to position yourself as the expert you are—not only with their audiences, but with
them, too. Since telesummit invitations are often reciprocal, it’s not unusual for those you invite to your
telesummit to later invite you to participate in theirs. In this way, you and your brand can quickly
become known.

In this step by step guide I will teach you how to package, promote your profitable telesummit



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