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Finding your voice in Speaking

Sharlrita Deloatch was one of my featured speakers in my Spring 2018, "How I Bounced Back" Tele-Summit. She delivered a phenomenal inspirational message to the attendees. Her transparency and authenticity shined brightly. I would recommend her as a speaker for future events.
Felicia Lucas
His Glory Creations Publishing
Sharlrita Deloatch is a talented and educated speaker and motivator. Ive had the pleasure of inviting her to speak at one of my business empowerment seminars. She was timely, knowledgeable and ultimately left the room with invaluable information that they could use in their daily businesses going forward. She is really a rare find.
Shamika Gardner
Skylar Business and Personal Consulting, Inc
Sharlrita is a teaching coach, she is care when disecting the elements of how to! So much so that even when I has the knowledge to teach my community how to set up their Many chat messenger bots I tagged Sharlrita because I was confident that she would bring more passion to the training that anyone else I knew, including ME! I was right, the training was comprehensive, she left no detail unturned although I had requested a basic training, there is nothing basic about her delivery. I am happy to have her as my go to BOT person and will be referring all of my clients to her!
Dr. M.E. Porter
Below are some of my Favorite Topics

How To Improve Communication Skills And Your Personal Style

Six tips for improving your communication style. 

  • Knowing how to improve communication skills will come easier once you become aware of your own communication style.
  • Now that you are aware of your own style, study the style of those around you.
  • Adjust to the other styles of communication.

Ten Tips for a Successful Presentation

  • Learn how to tell a story 
  • Learn how to Choose a topic and stick with it
  • Learn how to Use relevant visuals
  • Much more

How to Develop a Dynamic Story

  • How to decide on the purpose for the story. What is the main point you want to make?
  • How to create the backdrop. Describe the scene so that the audience can picture it in their minds.
  • How to introduce the main characters. Help your audience to picture the important characters through detailed descriptions.

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