3 Reasons Why a Mentor Is Vital to Women Entrepreneurs

sjdeloatch : November 14, 2016 10:05 am : Blog

blog-3waysSuccessful women entrepreneurs understand the importance of having a mentor. In fact, developing a portfolio of mentors to meet different aspects of your life, both personally and professionally, is paramount!
Choosing a mentor is one of the most important decisions you can make as a professional. Mentors should be those whose work you admire; poses strong leadership abilities; an inspiration to you and others; offer solutions when you are faced with obstacles and invaluable insight. Mentors are experts within a particular field and offer a wealth of experience. They cheer you to the finish line!
Do you need a mentor? Yes You Do! Here are 5 Important Reasons Every Successful Woman Needs a Mentor.

Important Reason 1:
A mentor will hold you accountable. Often, business owners neglect important aspects of their businesses such as marketing, financial obligations or operations. A mentor will hold you accountable for your actions, help you set realistic goals and assist you in finding ways to balance your time.

Important Reason 2:
A mentor will help you define and reach short and long term goals. Setting realistic goals for your business is important. Your mentor will help you explore achievable goals, ask clarifying questions to help you define them while developing strategies to keep you focused from day-to-day pressures of business and family.

Important Reason 3:
A mentor is ‘on the outside looking in.’ As you grow in your business, it is easy to reach a plateau. A good mentor will bring a new prospective along with a fresh set of eyes. This will help you work more efficiently with a clearer view of your company’s future growth.

A mentor is worldly with a wealth of business experience to help you grow your business. Is your marketing strategy stale? Out of ideas for marketing to your clients? Well, a mentor comes from a school of ‘hard knocks,’ a veteran in his/her own right and can give you sound advice from years of experience.
In closing, it is important to establish a clear understanding of your relationship with your mentor. Ultimately, your mentor is there to help you focus on taking your business to the next level.

Need a mentor/Coach My name is Sharlrita Deloatch and I assist aspiring and current Women Entrepreneurs on how to strategize to achieve their goals, maximize their productivity and manage their time effectively so they can consistently maintain growth in their business. Set up a 15 min session with me today so we can get you started

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Allow me to re-introduce myself my name is……

sjdeloatch : November 7, 2016 6:25 pm : Blog

Sharlrita Speaks…..0001-7085886sharlrita

Time is winding down and 2017 will be here before you know it. 2016 as been great! The one word I will dedicate to 2016 is “Experience”. I have experienced some great things, hurtful things and somethings that made me down right wonder about life. Have you been there? BUT the word for 2017 is “Partnership”. I have promised myself that I will socialize more and partner with some great women. Since than I have gained more clarity on who I am to serve and why. I have some great workshops, books, and events planned for New Women Entrepreneurs. I want to ensure that you have all the tools your need to maintain consistent growth in your business. Let’s keep in touch by you subscribing to my email list. Go on over to and you will see the pop up telling you to subscribe. Until than stay consistent, stay positive and you will see results. See you next Monday!!

Yours truly
Sharlrita Deloatc

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Oops I can’t believe I did that……..

sjdeloatch : June 3, 2016 3:22 pm : Blog

Sharlrita Logo

yes I did it….I neglect my visions. Yes I did and I am not so happy with myself about it. Tuesday morning I was getting ready for work and needed a notebook so I looked through all my notebooks in my green bag (I have a problem with having so many notebooks LOL) and I had to find one small enough to go in my work bag. I get one and begin to look through it. I noticed all these goals and many things I accomplished from 2014. I was like wow. I kept reading and noticed that most of the goals…smh (shaking my head) I didn’t accomplish. I know you’re thinking well God is a God of timing. This I know but I put a date on them for the year 2015. I was felt so embarrassed. I said here I am in 2016 teaching Women the importance of goals and how to reach them. Granted I have accomplished some of them to give me credibility but some of them I felt I could have worked harder. The lesson in this is. When setting your goals don’t just write them down and leave them but write them down and work them. Everyday my husband has me reading my goals out loud so that it helps move my faith. Many believe in the universe but I believe in God. I believe that whatever God says, He will perform. If you will notice throughout the Bible, God never did do anything that he didn’t say first. He said it then he did it. The power to do it was in the word. So greater is he that is living in you than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4). I want to encourage you to get back to those visions and after writing them activate your faith by doing it.

Do you need accountability? Are you in need of a coach who will not only push you but hold you accountable? I am your girl Sharlrita Deloatch also known as Sharlrita Speaks and I help women ‪#‎Rebuild‬ their mindset ‪#‎Refocus‬ on their purpose driven goals so they can ‪#‎Release‬ their purpose to the world. Let’s chat! Schedule your complementary 30 min session TODAY

Talk to you soon
Sharlrita Deloatch

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What the game’s been missing…….

sjdeloatch : May 31, 2016 3:29 pm : Blog

Well hello there,

Since you have gotten to know me a little better I got up this morning thinking and praying…What is the game really missing. The more and more I think about it. I pondered and pondered than I realized the game as been missing ME!!!! One thing I notice that most coaches, speakers, authors or entrepreneurs are missing is “Passion” You see I have seen and been in this game about 3 years now and many center everything they do around money and really don’t have a clear passion as to why they do what they do. They do it because its something to do. It will than show up in their businesses. I am here to change that. I have such a passion to help women to Rebuild their mindset so they know they are enough, Refocus on their purpose driven goals so they can Release their purpose to the world. Every woman as a unique gift and most of the time its the gift the devil himself fight so much and so hard. I want to push you!!! We have about 30 days left in the second quarter and I need you to end strong!!! Even if you are just starting or wanting to start you can still end strong. Listen i need you to join me on Wednesday June 1, 2016 for our 30 day fast track Motivational call at 7pmest. Register today at Lets win together Smooches!

Sharlrita Deloatch

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Allow me to reintroduce myself! My name is…

sjdeloatch : May 30, 2016 8:39 pm : Blog

Sharlrita LogoWell…Whats up everyone! I am Sharlrita Deloatch also known as Sharlrita Speaks. Many of you know me but some of you don’t and I want to make sure that I am polite and let you know who I is (LOL) I have the pleasure of helping women Rebuild their mindset, Refocus on their purpose driven goals so they can release their purpose to the world. I do this through Coaching, training, writing and speaking. I know a lot of you have been seeing my post and wondering what is Sharlrita up to and most of you love it. I am really fulfilling my purpose on this earth. I enjoy my life and striving for so much more. I have been speaking for the last 2 years and to be honest I need to step my game up. So you will be seeing alot more of me. I am excited about this journey and I want you to stay along for the ride. Listen I am hosting a 30 day Fast Track Motivational call on this Wednesday June 1,  2016 at 7:00pm It is very important to me that you get on this call and end the 2nd Quarter very strong….Can you imagine what you can accomplish in 30 days when you are focused? I need you on this call. Go ahead and register at and you will receive call information on Wed once you register. I am excited to see you Rebuild your life and you can with focus, drive and accountability. Speaking of focus….Go on over to my website and sign up for Free to receive my article on 3 ways you can do to Re-Focus NOW! Talk to you soon


Sharlrita Deloatch


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5,4,3,2…….Your time is up!

sjdeloatch : May 14, 2015 4:53 am : Blog

Sharlrita BC


Welcome to all my new subscribers! I am excited that you have this journey with me and to be a part of my community. I believe you will find very helpful tips to help you reach your goals, change your mindset and change your spirit. I know when you first received this email you were wondering. Why is my time up? Well, this morning I was in my normal routine and getting my girls ready to go to school. For some reason I couldn’t find my daughter Antasia’s uniform shirts so I scuffled around and stumbled on one and decided to hand wash it. Yes had wash…Lol! I threw it in the drawer and continued to get her dressed. Maybe 15 minutes later her van driver had arrived. So I’m gathering her clothes out the dryer and realized that her shirt was still wet. So I ran around trying to find something else and I told Tasia (that’s what we call her) to get her shoes on and let the van driver know you were coming. She moved so slowly like a snail and I yelled “Come one Tasia why are you moving so slowly?” She moved a little faster than next thing I know her van driver was GONE! I was so upset and began to clean. When I get upset I clean. Funny right? Then God began to speak to me “This is how you are with me and the things I tell you to do. You’re slow and even if I speak to you louder you still move slowly so I may have to leave you behind. Your time is up” I began to really think and my heart go weary. I have been putting off somethings that God has position me to do and he has given me time to prepare and I still don’t listen. How many have done that? Raising my hand HIGH. In my mind I felt I needed everything to be perfect in order for me to start. I would look at others thinking maybe I should wait. But this morning God really pushed me to get even this blog done. Anything God gives you to do just do it! Take small steps and celebrate that step and go to the next. Has you continue to do something over and over you will get better and better and you will continue to learn every time you do it. I want to push you today to get it done. If it’s starting a business start that business plan or maybe reach out to someone that owns a business and connect with them. But I want to urge you to get started NOW. Has my Coach Cheryl Wood would say “Play Time is Over”. God bless you, I love and let’s stay connected.


Sharlrita Deloatch

Life Building Strategist

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