#15: How to upgrade your Speaking Skills

#15: How to upgrade your Speaking Skills

Strengthening your speaking skills can help you advance your career and increase
your confidence in social situations. Follow these tips on how to prepare and deliver
memorable presentations that will make you a hit with your audience.

In this Podcast Episode I share with you the 3 ways to upgrade your Speaking Skills. Implement this 3 ways and your Speaker Business will take off like wire fire!

1. Know your topic. Pick a topic that you already know and love. If you need to
present a new subject, perform thorough research. Gather facts, statistics, interesting
anecdotes and quotes from experts.

2. Know your audience. If possible, identify the background and size of the group
you’ll be addressing. Find out how well informed they are about the material you’ll be
presenting. You don’t want to talk over their heads, but you don’t want to talk down to
them either. It’s also helpful to know their average age and other characteristics

3. Keep your purpose in mind. Most presentations seek to persuade, educate
or entertain so focus on what you want to achieve. For example, you may want
to motivate clients to sign up for a new service your company is offering or you may
want to help your employees understand changes to your company health insurance

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