#18 How you’re leaving money on the table with Corporate Clients


Last year, according to Bloomberg, corporations paid outside consultants $39.3 billion dollars. Corporate consulting is one of the highest margin business opportunities available. The average business or marketing consultant generates $175,000 a year, according to USA Today. ~Entrepreneur Magazine~

It’s time for you to get into the Corporate setting. If you’re an Personal development Coach, Health Coach, mindset Coach etc you should be in Corporate grabbing your piece of the billion dollar pie. In this episode I want to give you 3 ways you’re leaving money on the table with Corporate. Make sure you get registered for the FREE Master Class Expand with Corporate.

  1. Training: As a corporate consultant, what you’ll mostly do is training presentations. You’ll teach a corporation’s employees your special skillet and knowledge through a one-off or series of lectures. Consultants get paid for the strategy and knowledge.

2. Courses: Take your courses into corporations or create courses specifically for corporations. Either way, instead of selling them a course that they then let all of their employees access, you should make them buy licenses per employee. It’s a lot more money in your pocket. Start the set up with your course at Teachable.

3. Coaching: Remember that you’re working with humans and they need help with life and sometimes life outside of their job.

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