Why It’s Worth Fighting Your Fears And Start Speaking!


Everyone hears about being nervous when speaking, and when you overcome it, you become confident and very successful.

What you don’t hear from successful speakers is about the journey itself.

For example, when I started in the field of speaking, I was a call center employee. As a Production Team Leader, I had to develop concepts and designs to solve problems within the call center by training, coaching and teaching.

So when I started my speaking career back in 2014 I was so scared and terrified, that even the thought of being in front of a group of people, made me feel physically sick, and would make my heart race so much, I thought I was having a heart attack.

Clearly, I didn’t want to go through my life like that so I did some training with Speaker Coach Cheryl Wood  

I went through her 8 week Speaker Intensive titled “Sizzle Speaker Insensitive for new and emerging speakers. In that 8 weeks I build confidence in myself as a speaker and what I bring to the marketplace. Several months later I had one of my very first speaking engagement in front of hundreds of KIDS…YES kids! YIKES! Kids will tell you the truth at all times LOL

I walked out onto the stage in front of 200 children.  Suddenly my legs started to shake so much I thought I was going to fall down. So I did what all young adults love to do is “dance” I had to make sure I stayed in touch before hand of today’s music. I felt so nervous but it was what the children wanted and needed.

All I achieved that day was to let the youth and their parents  know who I was and that I was one fun speaker. Needless to say , I had so much fun and it was so easy for me to relay the message to them I was hired to do!



It was such a new experience that I had to make a decision to quit or do something about it. (I was unable to get into the witness protection program to lose my identity!)

Well I studied, practiced and used everything that I write about in my book and then some coming up in the Fall of 2018 so stay tuned.

And do you know?

I was confident, created humour and had them laughing, created pathos so they could feel sad, lifted them with excitement, spoke a very clear message, had them in the palm of my hand and when I finished ,they stood up to applaud.

Pretty good eh?

I  realized that day, that being a great speaker helps you make more money, no matter what your job is.

So what made the difference? What transformed me from soft spoken lady to one of the most speaker to check out in the future? And could anybody do the same? Clearly, the answer is yes, if they went through all the stuff they I had.

Why am I qualified to say this?

Because it is based upon my learnings, my studies, my experiments, good and bad, and most importantly, on my real life, in the fire, under the hammer, experience.

Overcoming the fear and building the skills, step by step, not only transforms your
presentation skills, it builds your confidence in all parts of your life.

And isn’t that a good enough reason to start! Well heck yes and you can today!

Let’s have a chat about how you can get start with your speaking right away! I want to give you a strategy that will push you a little more further. Book your Speaker Clarity call with me today and let’s get your speaker Career on the roll. I can’t wait to hear from you! Click here to book your complimentary call!

Talk soon!


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