Effective Strategies For Speaking That You Can Use Starting Today


I am always asked all the time Sharlrita how did you get started speaking? To be honest I just started to speak and have something meaningful to speak about. I knew I had a message and I need to get it out. I know that I am an expert in Business but people didn’t know because I never talked about it. So you know I love to teach my mistakes so that my mistakes become your success.  I want to give you some effective strategies you can start today.

Maintain a positive mental attitude, since it will surely reflect on your current disposition and attitude towards your audience. Make sure to prepare ahead of time and never ever entertain the thought of cramming. Rehearsing more and even overdoing it can be good for you since it will help you gain mastery of your subject matter.

Always harbor and develop a good sense of self-esteem, even if sometimes you do not feel confident about yourself. Self-esteem is the key to influencing others to make it a point to always have a high degree of self-esteem to help you overcome your fears.

Try not to set too much expectations upon yourself, since the more expectations that are set, the more chances of you building up your own fears of not meeting up with those expectations. So before speaking in front of a crowd, avoid the notion that you are perfect and that you cannot make mistakes.

Here are my strategies. You can go ahead and get started TODAY! Click here and view my video on who can become a speaker. Enjoy!!


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