5 ways to package your knowledge, your experience, and your expertise

There are many benefits to creating multiple streams of income like more money, security if a problem happens with one line of income you have several to fall back on. If you already have a stream of passive stream income from the internet coming in that is good, but take the time to see if you can generate that into multiple streams, which will be even better.

Below I want to give you the top 5 ways to package your knowledge, your experience, and your expertise so that you can have those multiple streams of income flowing into your business.

1. Downloadable guides: People want to know how to do something and why not learn from you at very affortable prices. The awesome thing about guides it that it can be purchased over and over again.

2. Audio CD’s: Imagine you have the opportunity to speak at a conference or even a small book club. Have someone to record it and place it on a CD and sell it. You can have them sold at events or even over and over again on your website.

3. Email course: Using systems like MailChimp and mailer-lite have made it easy for you to set up email automation for FREE and allow your customers to learn something from you in an email course. You can have an email go out to them every day for 7 days and they can go back to it over and over again.

4. Certification: Are you an expert in an area and you can teach others how to be the expert? You can do this LIVE and take the LIVE version and record it an allow others to go through the same program at a self-study paste. For example, You can have a Coaching certification program and others will go through the program to become a Coach. Just that simple.

5. Templates and forms: Do you have legal forms? Contracts or may be agreements that someone will need in business? You can offer those for sale at a low price or even package them together to make 1 price. Not only are you packaging what you have and know but also creating multiple streams of income.

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