Women making History! Meet LyTisa “LadyWisdom” Greene

Women making History! Meet LyTisa “LadyWisdom” Greene

LyTisa “LadyWisdom” Greene
Is a living example of how your past does not dictate your future..

Her experience with sexual assault, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, prison and so much more is what qualified her to do the works she does as an author, motivational speaker, life coach, esthetician, and reiki healer.

LyTisa is and advocate for survivors and victims, of domestic violence and sexual abuse, she advocates for teenage parents, and At-Risk youth through her non profit organization Mission2Movement Community Life Development Center.. She works alongside of her husband in ministry community organizing through Ground Zero place of healing and refuge.. She is the owner of FlawedUp LLC offering services in plus size fashion and beauty, image and business consulting.
LyTisa’s mission in life is to inspire others to Embrace their Flaws, and Change their life..

Her advice to Women Entrepreneurs is simple:
The only blueprint to success is to be consistent, stay empowered, and take bold and massive action..

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