Women Making History! Meet Jessica Taylor-Mosley!

Women making history! Meet Jessica Taylor-Mosley!

Are you looking for a speaker who brings excitement, passion, and mind change to an audience? Then Jessica Taylor-Mosley is the woman for it!! Author Jessica Taylor-Mosley is an “Shift Making” Leader and The CEO of The Queen Esther Enterprises. She has an exceptional background in finance, beauty, journalism, and project management. Jessica has unraveled her life experiences so that she can answer the mandate that is on her life to take women and teen girls through the purification process of the mind, body, and soul.

Jessica has received many awards while in her career in Finance (Employee of The Month, Employee of The Year, VP of Branch Management Sales Award, Star of The Week, Star of The Month, Woman On The RISE, Who’s Who In Banking, Women’s Advocate Leader just to name a few) and has climbed the corporate ladder to become an VP of Retail Sales in Branch Management. She has been ranked #2 in the State of Indiana for Investment Sales and #9 in the entire company. Jessica has been gifted in so many areas; especially that of the beauty field. Jessica is a hairstylist and a professional makeup artist for over a decade. She currently freelances for makeup giants MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She is now a Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

One entity of The Queen Esther enterprises is The Queen Esther Book Club. Jessica is an aspiring author. Her book, “NO MATTER WHAT…You CAN Make It” is set to be released on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.com Fall 2015. She is also a part of several other book collaborations set to be released in 2015 and Spring 2016. These books are sure to inspire the masses and let one know that they can OVERCOME!!..Her radio show, The Queen Esther Radio Show w/The Mosleys is a part of the May We Help You Radio Network (www.mwhyradio.com) and can also aires on IHeart Radio..Her magazine, Queen Status Magazine, is set to debut Winter 2015..Jessica is a regular writer for K.I.S.H Magazine and a avid blogger for different web sites and organizations .Because of the extreme hardships that Jessica has had to face and have overcome, such as being homeless and being in an abusive relationship(s), she loves to give back! She has developed an coaching program, “Ettiquette Fit For A Queen” for women that are ex-offenders, homeless, LOOKING TO CHANGE THEIR CURRENT SITUATIONS, or in battered womens’ shelters/ facilities. Jessica is on a mission to help other women make LIFE CHANGING shifts and to LIVE the life that God intends for them to live!!! “……..You CAN have LIFE and that more ABUNDANTLY!”

Her advice to Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs: Keep being a student. Be a forever learner

Connect with Jessica: https://www.facebook.com/jessica.thatsmyname.3

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