Women making history! Meet Shavannah Moore!

Women making history! Meet Shavannah Moore!
Coming from a World of poverty, Shavannah Moore managed to break free and live out her purpose. To Empower & Inspire Women Globally. She Instills in Women to not only look back at where you come from, but to reach back and LEAD. Shavannah was a high school dropout, who was told that she would never amount to anything beyond where she was at the time. She later went back to finish school because she knew there was a higher calling on her life and it would begin with her Determination. With years of struggling, being a single parent in poverty, nights of sleeping in her car, going from house to house, facing molestation, and later having to give her child to the father temporarily Shavannah came to the realization that enough was enough. Shavannah is a dynamic Empowerment Speaker and highly-sought-after Mompreneuer who changes the lives of Women Worldwide! After fighting for 7 years to get her daughter back, and all the pain she endured throughout life, Shavannah is now married with 5 beautiful children and has become a Successful Entrepreneur being the CEO of Divas in the kitchen LLC, Founder of One Big Heart Corporation, and #1 Best Selling Author. She is known as The Empowerment Expert and has officially accomplished everything “they” said she could never be. Now she is on a mission to transform the lives of Women Globally by EMPOWERING THEM TO LEAD!
Her advice to Women Entrepreneurs is simple: If you are starting a business, always seek different avenues of bringing in revenue so that your business will stay a float from the start. Yes, your gift will make room for you, but you also have to put in the work!
Here are just a few: http://www.toryburchfoundation.org/

**Marie Forleo is a great person to follow as a start-up**
Connect with Shavannah: www.shavannahmoore.com

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