Women making history! Meet Rhonda Watts-Robinson

Women making history! Meet Rhonda Watts-Robinson

Rhonda Watts-Robinson, also known as “The Greatness Igniter”, is a life-changing International Speaker, Certified Business Elevation Strategist, Life Coach, Writing Specialist, Minister, and Mentor for women who are ready to elevate in their lives, transform the world through their words or businesses and reach their next level of God ordained greatness and purpose.
With her various degrees, passion, knowledge, and expertise, compiled with the lessons she’s learned from her life’s journey, Rhonda is here to guide, empower, and ignite you to elevate to your next level. She is a seasoned coach, minister, and mentor who knows the strategies needed to assist you in becoming a better you and leaving the legacy you were meant to leave.
Rhonda has traveled both national and internationally speaking transformation and elevation. She has taught individuals on numerous platforms around the world on how to transform their lives, their business, write and publish their books, as well as tap into their God ordained healing and deliverance. Her clients have been known to call her an expert in her field, emphatic to their needs, as well as a “God Send” to their lives.
Rhonda is the epitome of a “women after God’s own heart” who has learned and mastered the art of utilizing the many gifts God’s blessed her with and truly enjoys teaching other women how to do the same.
When she’s not speaking, coaching, teaching, or diligently working within her businesses or ministry, you can find her enjoying time with her three beautiful children, her husband, and their dog, reading a book, or even taking some alone time to refocus on her calling and her mission in life. Every blue moon, she is found practicing and crafting one of her passions and gifts, which is her love of writing.

Her advice to Women Entrepreneurs is simple:Stay consistently focused on the vision God has uniquely placed within
you. He has given and blessed you with your vision for a reason. Now,
it’s your responsibility to ensure that it manifest.

Connect with Rhonda: http://www.rhondawattsrobinson.com

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