Complete Victory Challenge

Happy New year to you all!! I am so excited about 2017 and I know that it will be amazing. I just realized that the number 17 symbolizes ‘Complete Victory”. That right there got me completely happy and I have decided to do a challenge. Every goal in my life weither its personal or business I will put it on my Complete Victory List. As I began to complete those victories I will hightlight them and give God Glory and praise in the process.

I am simply learning to be “grateful” for it all good or bad. I am taking control of my life in every area and keeping myself focused. I know you’re like me and have so many dreams and goals that you want to complete in 2017 but let me tell you I have decided not to do it alone. I have tried that and it doesn’t work at all.

The one word God gave me in 2016 for 2017 is Partnership. The things I would like to accomplish and goals I want to crush I can’t do it alone. I have made some investments in my self and my business to partner and learn from other men and women in business who are very successful and they are teaching me how to stay visualable and learn to monetize more in my business.

I want to give back in my business and help those that truly need the assistance but just need a extra push or maybe a strategy. Allow me to assist you this week.

This week only I am waving my 30 min Strategy Session fee for Serious, purpose driven New & Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs! A great strategy is what your business needs! Contact me today:

I look forward to helping you this week achieve your goals.


Sharlrita Deloatch




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