Are you Interested or Committed

Great day my Boss Women! 

How are you? How was your weekend? I spent mines at HOME! . We had a snow and ice storm here in NC so it forced me to REST!  I had a great day with the family and we spend some great time together making memories. Now that


I want to check in to see what are you committed to this week? What are your goals? I was working out this morning and I heard this quote. “Some people are interested but most are not committed.” I Really began to think about myself. Am i truly committed to my goals and dreams? Am I being the best version on Sharlrita and doing my very best?

We live in a world now that everyone wants everything right now. We want success NOW. We don’t want to earn anything or go through anything. But I am here to tell you that what ever you’re striving to do it will take work. It’s a process. When you say “yes” to you, you are saying yes to the process. Don’t pray for the easy way out but pray to get through the process so that you can love the person you become. 

 Through self awareness and entrepreneurial training and development, I support and help women who have struggled and stumbled in life, discover, define and embrace their true gifts, their passion and their purpose, preparing them to become business owners. I want to help you and I still have some spots open in my accountablity group. It is very affortable and you need community to help you achieve success in your life. Get signed up today. You will not regret it not one second:

I will see you in the group!!!!! 

Sharlrita Deloatch 

Oh yea I failed to tell you what you will get with partnering with me…..

I am offering Accountability Coaching with me for 90 days. 

Not just any woman but New & aspiring Entrepreneurs! 

*Demolish any doubt and fear so you can upgrade your mindset. 
*Empower you to think bigger so you can achieve each goal you set to accomplish. *Connect you with like minded individuals who can grow and collaborate with you. *Inspire you to fast action because action brings clarity.

Here is what you get: 
*Private access to Facebook group,
*6 private 60 min 1:1 calls with Sharlrita that includes homework 
*Goal tracker worksheet 
*3 live group setting calls.

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