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yes I did it….I neglect my visions. Yes I did and I am not so happy with myself about it. Tuesday morning I was getting ready for work and needed a notebook so I looked through all my notebooks in my green bag (I have a problem with having so many notebooks LOL) and I had to find one small enough to go in my work bag. I get one and begin to look through it. I noticed all these goals and many things I accomplished from 2014. I was like wow. I kept reading and noticed that most of the goals…smh (shaking my head) I didn’t accomplish. I know you’re thinking well God is a God of timing. This I know but I put a date on them for the year 2015. I was felt so embarrassed. I said here I am in 2016 teaching Women the importance of goals and how to reach them. Granted I have accomplished some of them to give me credibility but some of them I felt I could have worked harder. The lesson in this is. When setting your goals don’t just write them down and leave them but write them down and work them. Everyday my husband has me reading my goals out loud so that it helps move my faith. Many believe in the universe but I believe in God. I believe that whatever God says, He will perform. If you will notice throughout the Bible, God never did do anything that he didn’t say first. He said it then he did it. The power to do it was in the word. So greater is he that is living in you than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4). I want to encourage you to get back to those visions and after writing them activate your faith by doing it.

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