What the game’s been missing…….

Well hello there,

Since you have gotten to know me a little better I got up this morning thinking and praying…What is the game really missing. The more and more I think about it. I pondered and pondered than I realized the game as been missing ME!!!! One thing I notice that most coaches, speakers, authors or entrepreneurs are missing is “Passion” You see I have seen and been in this game about 3 years now and many center everything they do around money and really don’t have a clear passion as to why they do what they do. They do it because its something to do. It will than show up in their businesses. I am here to change that. I have such a passion to help women to Rebuild their mindset so they know they are enough, Refocus on their purpose driven goals so they can Release their purpose to the world. Every woman as a unique gift and most of the time its the gift the devil himself fight so much and so hard. I want to push you!!! We have about 30 days left in the second quarter and I need you to end strong!!! Even if you are just starting or wanting to start you can still end strong. Listen i need you to join me on Wednesday June 1, 2016 for our 30 day fast track Motivational call at 7pmest. Register today at SharlritaSpeaks.eventbrite.com. Lets win together Smooches!

Sharlrita Deloatch

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