Allow me to reintroduce myself! My name is…

Sharlrita LogoWell…Whats up everyone! I am Sharlrita Deloatch also known as Sharlrita Speaks. Many of you know me but some of you don’t and I want to make sure that I am polite and let you know who I is (LOL) I have the pleasure of helping women Rebuild their mindset, Refocus on their purpose driven goals so they can release their purpose to the world. I do this through Coaching, training, writing and speaking. I know a lot of you have been seeing my post and wondering what is Sharlrita up to and most of you love it. I am really fulfilling my purpose on this earth. I enjoy my life and striving for so much more. I have been speaking for the last 2 years and to be honest I need to step my game up. So you will be seeing alot more of me. I am excited about this journey and I want you to stay along for the ride. Listen I am hosting a 30 day Fast Track Motivational call on this Wednesday June 1,  2016 at 7:00pm It is very important to me that you get on this call and end the 2nd Quarter very strong….Can you imagine what you can accomplish in 30 days when you are focused? I need you on this call. Go ahead and register at and you will receive call information on Wed once you register. I am excited to see you Rebuild your life and you can with focus, drive and accountability. Speaking of focus….Go on over to my website and sign up for Free to receive my article on 3 ways you can do to Re-Focus NOW! Talk to you soon


Sharlrita Deloatch


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