Clarity comes when you do….

You know for a long time I had no clarity about who I was and what God wanted to do through me. God has given me so many ideas and I would just write them down with a huge desire in my heart but than the next day I would wake up and not even give the vision a second thought. I would find myself hooking up to people places and things that looked good but it wasn’t aligned with my purpose but how would I know because I had no CLARITY. So let me tell you what I started doing. Can you guess? I just started “DOING”. I took what I already had and just went for it. Let me tell you everyday I get up with passion and excitement not about money, fame or fortune but about LIFE. Every step I took God would continue to unfold things he needed me to do. He would give me idea after idea and I just started working it until it was completed. Can I be honest? Its not always easy. I have been blessed with employment but I have to now learn to balance my life even more. Sometimes I have so many things and people pulling on me but now I guard my time like a pit bull and only use my time on things that align with my purpose.

Call to Action: Maybe you’re struggling with clarity about your purpose in life and maybe you just need to #Refocus. I challenge for the next 7 days to write down at least 3 small goals to accomplish. Maybe in business, personal, work related but get it done. Once you have written them down focus on those goals until they are completed and than highlight them as a sign that it is done. You may need to break down each goal. For Example “I want to lose 5lbs this week” So what are the things you need to do to lose that 5lbs. It maybe drinking 8 glasses of water each day but you have to break that goal down. In order to lose 5lbs this week I must drink 20 oz of water per hour. Be specific and clear. You need assistance? Email me your goals and let’s break them down and get them accomplished. I would love to hear from you. You may email me at


Talk to you soon,

Sharlrita Deloatch

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