5,4,3,2…….Your time is up!

Sharlrita BC


Welcome to all my new subscribers! I am excited that you have this journey with me and to be a part of my community. I believe you will find very helpful tips to help you reach your goals, change your mindset and change your spirit. I know when you first received this email you were wondering. Why is my time up? Well, this morning I was in my normal routine and getting my girls ready to go to school. For some reason I couldn’t find my daughter Antasia’s uniform shirts so I scuffled around and stumbled on one and decided to hand wash it. Yes had wash…Lol! I threw it in the drawer and continued to get her dressed. Maybe 15 minutes later her van driver had arrived. So I’m gathering her clothes out the dryer and realized that her shirt was still wet. So I ran around trying to find something else and I told Tasia (that’s what we call her) to get her shoes on and let the van driver know you were coming. She moved so slowly like a snail and I yelled “Come one Tasia why are you moving so slowly?” She moved a little faster than next thing I know her van driver was GONE! I was so upset and began to clean. When I get upset I clean. Funny right? Then God began to speak to me “This is how you are with me and the things I tell you to do. You’re slow and even if I speak to you louder you still move slowly so I may have to leave you behind. Your time is up” I began to really think and my heart go weary. I have been putting off somethings that God has position me to do and he has given me time to prepare and I still don’t listen. How many have done that? Raising my hand HIGH. In my mind I felt I needed everything to be perfect in order for me to start. I would look at others thinking maybe I should wait. But this morning God really pushed me to get even this blog done. Anything God gives you to do just do it! Take small steps and celebrate that step and go to the next. Has you continue to do something over and over you will get better and better and you will continue to learn every time you do it. I want to push you today to get it done. If it’s starting a business start that business plan or maybe reach out to someone that owns a business and connect with them. But I want to urge you to get started NOW. Has my Coach Cheryl Wood would say “Play Time is Over”. God bless you, I love and let’s stay connected.


Sharlrita Deloatch

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